Costa Classica cruise ship will possibly employ seaman and crew jobs this year as it docks to Pier 13 in Manila. This is according to news reports from ABS-CBN.

Costa Classica Cruise Ship Jobs

Costa Classica cruise ship will possibly employ seaman and crew jobs this year as it docks to Pier 13 in Manila. This is according to news reports from ABS-CBN tonight October 27, 2009. CostaClassica is currently employing a lot of Filipinos (pinoys) in its cruise ship. You can apply for the job vacancy at the Magsaysay Shipping if you are interested.

Costa Classica Cruise Ship Offers Jobs to Pinoys

Costa Classica Cruise Ship Offers Jobs to Pinoys

The luxury cruise ship is said to be docked in the Philippines and will in due time employ seaman and crew through the Magsaysay Shipping company in the Philippines. If you want to apply for cruise ship job at Costa Classica, you can visit the website of Magsaysay Shipping for more information.

Apply to Costa Classica Seaman Jobs via Magsaysay Shipping

It was recently announced that Costa Classica Cruise Ship has high possibilities to employ seaman and crew jobs in their luxury ship. If you want to apply for crew and seaman related jobs, you may do that by visiting Magsaysay Shipping as it is the company that recruits or enlist applicants for the saidcruise ship.

Magsaysay Shipping - Manning Costa Classica Cruise Ship

Magsaysay Shipping - Manning Costa Classica Cruise Ship

Among manning and shipping jobs agencies in the Philippines, Magsaysay Shipping is said to be the one handling the recruitment and application for different crew and seaman jobs for Costa Classica cruise ship. Apply only or visit Magsaysay Shipping website or call their telephone number for more information.

Different job offers and maritime job openings at Magsaysay Maritime Corporation include room attendant, waiters, laundrymen, registered nurses, oil and gas, technical instructors, senior drilling instructors, 4th engineer, pumpman, oilers, cook, pantryman, welders, drillers, 3rd engineer, chief mate, 3rd mate, 2nd engineer, chief engineer and more.

Right now, the Costa Classica cruise ship which just docked in Manila last October 27, 2009 according to the news is hiring crew / shipping personnel related to above positions through Magsaysay shipping. If you want to apply for maritime jobs at Magsaysay Maritime.

Corporationshipping line in Philippines, you can pay them a visit or peek at their agency website.

Application Procedures:

1. Visit Magsaysay Shipping Lines Corporation and register.
2. Fill in all necessary information asked of you in the boxes.
3. You will be asked for a username and password (be sure to keep a hard copy and soft copy or jot it down in your organizer or an address notebook) “Do Not Loose your username and password”, you will use it on updating or checking for the status of your application.
4. Click on “submit” upon completion of all information asked of you.
5. You will be asked to fill up your own resume and again, click on “submit” after completing your resume / bio data. Be sure to double check before hitting submit.
6. Apply using the job search feature that will enable you to look for a relevant job based on your skills, professional qualification or experience.

Remember that your username and password will be the same log in required of you whenever you seek for job offers, vacancies or job opportunities at Magsaysay Shipping. Good luck!


Darwin said...

There are different types of cruise ship jobs. There are positions available in the many entertainment venues on board including singers, dancers musicians, comedians and photographers.

Somorita said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm working at costacrociere. Its nice working with the company! I promise but the job is really very hard. You have to work 12hours a day 7days a week.

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Mang Lallan said...

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Carlos Miguel De Villa said...

Costa Classica looks like a big cruise ship. I hope to work there someday. Like Magsaysay shipping, I also found a great agency for those who dreams to work in a cruise ship. It's named NSMS you can check it here.

richard gaitan said...

Magsaysay called me for interview. 8am in the morning i'm from olongapo 4-5 hours trip to magsaysay. I was thier by 7am inthe morning. I pass all the requirments. I was waited for almost 3hours just to wait for interview. A they get my height and weight. Then call me i thougt that i was going to interview. But they said i need to pass this requirments i need to pass that. I already completed all the requirments. But their main propuse is. My "HEIGHT!! i was just 5'4 they dont interview me anymore because of my height!! I feel sad because after all the travel my leave in my work. My effort. Everything i put onthat interview. It was all disregard because of my HEIGHT!!!

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